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Remove chip deflector and
change knives quickly and easily.
No special tools required
Superior design
and top quality materials have made the Williams & Hussey one of the safest, most versatile and
economical combined-function woodworking machines you can own. 100% American made, this machine has
found a place in shops of all sizes for over fifty years. Only machines costing thousands of dollars more begin to
compare with the power and versatility of this molder/planer. Built to last we recommend the Model 206 and 209.
The model 206 is more likely to stay in your shop and it operates on 240 single or three phase power. The Model
209 operated on 115 volt (20 amp) power so taking it to a job site is easy to do. Check out the specifications of all
three machines.
Make Mouldings Fast and Easy with the
Williams & Hussey Molder/
Planer. MODELS 206, 209 and 154CE
. Built To Go The Distance.
7 year Warranty. Made in USA
We are a full service Williams & Hussey Dealer
. We keep in stock spare parts, replacement feel rollers and standard
knives, both profiled and straight. Over 170 Standard Knives available. See pages 21-28 for a complete list. Ask us about
our Custom knives in both Steel and Carbide Tipped. Send us a fax, wood sample or DXF file via the internet for a quote.
See custom knife ordering instructions on page 29
All Molder Specs
Models 206,209 & 154CE
Machine Base
All steel construction with levelers
22"L x 22"W x 33"H
Guide System
22"L x 11 3/4"W x 1/2", HDPE
Arbor RPM's
154CE & 206 = 6900, 209 = 6960
Max. profile depth
Min. stock length
Max. profile width
6 3/4"
Min. stock thickness
Max. height above final cut
Max. stock thickness
7" wide
Overall machine dimensions
28"L x 22"W x 50"H
Working height
Package weight
218 lbs
Add this unit to either machine. Made from all
steel construction, this unit makes moving your
machine easier. Wheel locks hold machine in
place while machine is in use.
Model 206.
Individual specs include a 2 horse power motor, 0 to 19 feet per
minute variable feed, 240 volts, single or three phase
Model 209.
Individual specs include a 1-1/2
horse power motor, 0 to 19 feet per minute
variable feed, 115 volts.(20 amps required)
Produce Straight Moulding • Round Top Mouldings • Elliptical Mouldings • Casings
Base • Astragals • Handrails • Crowns • Raised Panels & More
Model 206
shown with
optional mobile base
Model 209