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Tooling for Shapers, Moulders, Tenoners, Planers, Routers and Saws

Toll Free Order Line 1-800-SCHMIDT (1-800-724-6438)

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Toll Free Order Line 1-800-SCHMIDT (1-800-724-6438)

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Rick Paul

Rick Paul, with Schmidt & Co. Since 1975

Thanks for considering our company. It is our privilege to be able to provide you with tools, information and accessories to help make your business more productive and more profitable. For over the past 80 years we have built our reputation on assisting companies like yours. From small one-man shops to large expanding companies across the country, we are constantly called upon to give good sound advice and recommendations to solve manufacturing problems. Please give us a call.

Joe DeCotiis

Joe DeCotiis, with Schmidt & Co. Since 1994

The son of a cabinetmaker, Joe learned early the importance of quality tooling and machines. Prior to working at Charles G. G. Schmidt, Joe had his own cabinet making/contractor business. From his experience working with customers, designing tools and running machines, he is extremely qualified to provide recommendations and solutions for your tooling needs. He is always available to answer questions on custom tooling and technical advice.


Jay Oliva, with Schmidt & Co. Since 2004

With a home remodeling and custom woodworking background, Jay is a natural in working with customer inquiries and orders. Jay handles both stock and custom orders and will gladly do what is required when special conditions arise. Straight to the point, accurate, efficient and helpful.


Millie McTernan, with Schmidt & Co. Since 1995

Originally hired as our drafter to do cutter head and knife design, she now multi-tasks helping customers with stock orders, custom knives and cutters. Her understanding of how the tools work and what’s needed to cut specific materials makes her extremely qualified to get the information she needs to process your tooling order.

Your Team of Tooling Partners at SCHMIDT & Co.

The representatives you talk to at Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co. are experienced professionals in the custom woodworking tool industry, who can put their training and knowledge to work for you. Count on any one of the Schmidt team to tackle your production and engineering problems and meet your special manufacturing needs.

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