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Schmidt window sash cutter sets use a series of tenons up to 2-1/4" long to produce strong joints in casement and double hung sash. Sets # WC230IN, WC231IN, WC232IN are designed to accommodate insulated glass up to 1/2" thick. Sets WC230, WC231, WC232 are for single strength bead glass. Sticking, rabbeting, and all cope joints shown here can be made with any of our standard sets. Due to the width and depth of cut, a minimum of 5 horse power is recommended for these tools.
For cutting Check Rails on Double Hung Sash with 1/2" or 3/8" Parting Strip. • 4" Diameter x 1-1/4" Bore, 3 wing. • These cutters, when combined with our stock Sash Cutters, cut everything you need to produce double hung sash. Tipped with S-Alloy for smooth cutting. (Not included with Window Sash Cutter Sets). Carbide available by special order.


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