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Powermatic Tenoner Tooling
Powermatic 2-A Replacement Knives & Heads - Custom Tenon and Cope Heads - Spur Knives
Profiling Heads
Our profiling heads are another economical way of using standard carbide inserts for a profiling / shaping operation. Available in 5 standard widths. For pattern shaping use bearing AC117. Made with 1-1/4" bore. Bushings available for other sizes.
Surfacing Heads
Made from aircraft aluminum, these heads are an excellent way to reduce noise and horsepower needed in your moulding operation.
Tenon Heads
Made from aircraft aluminum these convenient to use insert tenon heads can be made for any single or double end tenoner.
Rebating Heads
These cutters are ideal for applications where constant diameter is important. The use of industry standard carbide inserts make this tool inexpensive and easy to use.
Stackable Surfacing Heads
Our Stackable heads are another economical way of using standard carbide inserts for a surfacing operation. Available in 30mm and 50mm widths these heads stack on the arbor to the desired length.
Adjustable Groovers
Our adjustable groovers come complete with spurs for smooth cutting with and across the grain.
Adjustable Angle Cutter
This is the most versatile indexible angle cutter available.
Dedicated Insert & Flooring Cutters
DEDICATED heads are ideal for patterns which incorporate a tongue and groove detail. Knife inserts are supported completely by the profiled body of the tool and no additional backing plates are required.
Solid Carbide Profile Inserts
* Minimum quantity 6 pieces per profile
Panel Raising Insert Cutters
Our new Dual Profile Panel Raising Cutters are each made to support and cut two different patterns. Three body contours, 6 wood profiles available.
Stile & Rail Insert Cutters
Manufactured to precision tolerances, these alloy steel bodies can accommodate any of the six profiles shown without backer plates.


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