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V-Groove/45º Chamfer Router Bit
Designed for V-grooving and folding. Using a special insert with 15º bevels producing a perfect 90º angle. Can also be used to chamfer material up to 1" thick. 2 cutting edges per insert.
Router Bit Adapters
Turn your shaper into a router with our router bit adapters, made for Delta light and heavy duty shapers and Powermatic #26. For router bits with 1/2" and 1/4" shanks.
Carbide Tipped Boring Bits
With shank adjusting screw. Additional sizes available. Call for prices.
Custom Router Bits
Custom Router Bits have always been a specialty for the toolmakers at Charles G. G. Schmidt & Company. Whether you need to do a custom hand rail, cabinet stiles and rails or just a unique door edge, we can make the bit you need.


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