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» Corrugated, Williams & Hussey Knife Stock
XLW HP, M2 and Schmidt Super Steel available with 16-90° or 16-60° corrugations. T1, & M3 available with 16-60° only.
Stabilize your cutter heads by filling all pockets. For all cutter heads when not filling all pockets with knives. Specify 16-60° or 16-90° corrugations. Bars can be cut to size for an additional charge.
M-2 grade Our bars are now also available with 16-60° corrugations for use in corrugated knife heads, Williams & Hussey heads and Williams & Hussey machines.
- M-2 Grade for long wear. - Custom ground knives quoted on request. - Sold in pairs.
Carbide or S-Alloy Tipped Corrugated Back Knives
16-60° corrugations are standard. 16-90° corrugations are special order. S-Alloy tipped may have 1 seam on 9" knives. Knives can be cut to size. See price list, CAT NO. CTCUT.


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