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Carbide Tipped Fence Post Cutters
These cutters are used in the fence industry to manufacture pickets and other shaped wooden parts.
Color Coded Plastic Shims
For stackable cutter sets.
Spacer Sets
Precision machined to close tolerances.
Space Balls
Made from a plastic/rubber, these flexible balls are an excellent way of holding your panel securely during normal shrinking and expanding. Panel floats and won’t crack. Available in three sizes. Quantity discounts available.
Diamond Honing Cones
Diamond honing cones simplify a variety of industrial slip honing and deburring tasks. The convex surface of each cone is covered with fine mesh diamond.
Diamond Sharpening Stones
Ideal for touching up carbide and S-Alloy tipped cutters and knives in between regular sharpening. Two models available.
Moulder Bed Lube
An oil base material which is fortified with oxidation, rust and foam inhibitors to give excellent performance as a friction reducer and lubricant. It can be applied by injection, brushing or spray. A minimal oily film is left on the metal to allow for movement of lumber or wood by-products without resistance.
Delta Shaper Spindle Assembly
Feed Rollers for Williams and Hussey


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